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Dear EAC Members, Friends and Colleagues, dear Arborists

Due to climate change and intensive heat waves since March, our city trees have been exposed to particular hardships. In many countries the third dry summer in a row has left noticeable bad traces in the vitality of urban trees and has encouraged pests and diseases such as oak processionary moth, sooty bark disease and ash dieback. Trees, however, are one of our solutions to the climate change. With all their welfare effects, they provide a better quality of life in cities, a more agreeable micro climate, cooling and fine dust binding. Under these circumstances, precise planning of tree planting becomes more and more important. Choosing suitable trees for a suitable location is most critical, while professional tree care, ranging from young to full-grown mature trees by certified arborists ensures vital, safe trees which each citizen enjoys.
Trees require strong lobbying – we in EAC take care of it!
Wolfgang Gross
EAC Secretary

AGM 2021

While our Annual General Meeting (AGM) 2020 has postponed and will take place as a hybrid meeting by only our Members in Bad Honnef on 17th November, we are very pleased to announce that our next year’s AGM is now scheduled for 9th – 11 July 2021 in Vilnius, Lithuania.  

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TeST Project update

The official draft of the European Pruning Standard, developed under the Technical Standards in Tree Work (TeST) project has been just completed.

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Benefits of Urban Trees, now once again!

Urban green space as a relaxation oasis has recently become more important than ever before. Trees are obviously playing the major parts in city greening.  Together with Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations (FAO), EAC would like to advocate and promote the benefits of urban trees further and wider once now again. 

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Visit of the Chairman of ECOT

The European City of the Trees (ECOT) is our unique scheme to award European cities' outstanding commitment in inner urban arboriculture. On 23 September 2020, we welcomed Jan Goevert, Chairman of ECOT Working Group, to our office in Bad Honnef. The main purpose of his visit was to review and discuss its objectives and future direction.

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