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Bad Honnef, 22 December 2021

Dear EAC Members and Friends,

With each candle lit during the Advent season, we remember how important it is to have hope, to live in peace, to bring joy and love into our lives and that of others. Christmas, the feast of light, reflects and reminds us of this attitude more than any other feast. Our duty is to keep doing our best, at work and in our personal life. While this Christmas will again be characterized by restrictions and concerns due to the pandemic, let us fill our duty with hope, peace, joy and love. More than ever, values ​​such as sharing and openness must bring us together. The EAC is, by its nature, open and supportive, as it is based on the well-being and the educational growth of our communities.
I am honoured to offer you my best and heartfelt wishes for the upcoming Christmas season. I wish you health, first of all, and then joy and serenity, for you and for your beloved relatives and friends. Happy 2022!
Stefania Gasperini
EAC President

EAC Newsletter 2021 published

Our annual newsletter, which is available in both print and digital format, illustrates the activities of our members, Working Groups and Office throughout the year and promotes the European arboriculture industry to wider audiences around the world. The Newsletter 2021, includes the report of our Annual General Meeting in Vienna, the ECOT Award 2021 and three Erasmus+ projects in the European arboricultural industry.
All previous issues are also available to download from here.

European Arboricultural Standards

The Erasmus+ TeST project* Working Group, which includes EAC, has just launched the first edition of the European Tree Pruning Standard (ETPS) and the first draft of the European Tree Cabling/Bracing Standard (ETBCS), on which public comments are currently open to everyone. 
Read more about ETPS
Read more about ETBCS 

 *Project implemented with the financial support of the Erasmus+ Programme No. 2019-1-CZ01-KA202-061384

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